Art has the ability to evoke strong emotions, creating a powerful experience like no other for the viewer.

Creating art is life. It’s my reason for waking up every morning. I believe that art fills a void in this world and provides a bridge for people from different countries, cultures and generations to come together. 

The art I create takes the viewer on a journey through balanced compositions and vibrant color combinations with a blend of abstraction and realism, telling the story of the world around us through the eyes of an artist.

I’m inspired by many things. Some of them are, things that are distressed, worn and weathered over time. Old buildings make me wonder what the history is that’s stored within the walls of the structure. An amazing sunrise or sunset, a great song, a rainy day or night, a captivating city scene with all the colors and imagery of local life, nature and of course, the ocean… These are just a few things that spark ideas for creating new artwork.

For me, each new piece of artwork that is created, is a magnificent treasure lying wait to be discovered at the hands of the artist. An uncharted road trip with u-turns and back roads along the way ending in a beautiful destination, the finished piece.

My artwork is held in private collections worldwide.

“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.”  Marc Chagall