Tips on decorating your home with different styles of art

Can’t decide on just one style of art to collect?

No worries! It’s totally natural and possible to make a statement in your home without having the same style of art through out. Here are a few different ways to create that eye-catching moment with all the art you love.

  •  Hanging art in unexpected places allows you to bring in different styles challenging the status-quo and with a sense of the avant-garde into any space.
  • The kitchen may be the most underrated room in which to hang art. Don’t skimp on your most-used space, especially when tucking art in among your utensils.
  • Bookshelves? Not just for books. Hanging art on the exterior of built-in or large shelving units creates a cozy, quirky layered look with a variety of styles.
  • Leaning enables layering, and layering always adds a sense of nesting or coziness to a space. Plus, you can easily play with the arrangement to keep it fresh with different pieces of art.
  • Gallery walls are becoming quite the thing these days. It certainly is a great way to bring a bunch of different works together. Whether you want to group them by style, medium, color, or just do an eclectic mix like below, gallery walls are fun and playful ways to display art.

I hope you found these tips useful. If you see any pieces that you have an interest in purchasing or would like a custom piece of art made exclusively for you, please contact me today to discuss things further.

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