Unexpected ways to make a statement with original art

Often times statement pieces of art are associated with very large wall sized canvas. But, there are other ways to create that eye-popping moment with art. Consider smaller pieces that pack a punch with different elements mentioned below.

  • Color contrast is a great one. Blue and orange is a color combination I use quite frequently in my art work. It’s not only striking but reminds one of a sunrise or sunset over the ocean.
  • Leaning instead of hanging enables layering, and layering always adds a sense of nesting or coziness to a space. Plus, you can easily play with the arrangement to keep it fresh with different pieces of art in order to make a nice statement. Also saves your walls from having lots of holes.
  • Also, try putting different styles with contrasting colors together of smaller pieces to create a gallery wall of pieces you love.

I hope you found these tips useful. If you see any pieces that you have an interest in purchasing or would like a custom piece of art made exclusively for you, please contact me today to discuss things further. https://robinj.art/contact/

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